Looking for an easier, more cost-effective way to care for your pond?

PondHawk is a worry-free‚ low-maintenance‚ solar-powered aeration system that delivers a unique solution to pond management.

The most environmentally friendly option on the market today.

Because PondHawk is not connected to the electric grid and requires no chemicals‚ it naturally keeps ponds clean while being kind to the environment.

Save money on pond maintenance.

PondHawk uses no electricity‚ batteries‚ or chemicals‚ so your monthly costs dramatically decrease. Plus‚ PondHawk reduces the need for future dredging—cutting your pond maintenance expenses even more.

Solar Powered Pond Aerator

All ponds need management to help keep the habitat‚ water quality‚ and clarity in a healthy balance. Far too often, though‚ remote ponds without access to electricity are treated with chemicals that can damage the delicate pond ecosystem.
Simplicity and sustainability
Solar power is a streamlined solution that saves you money and resources on pond preparation and maintenance.

With PondHawk's Solar Powered Pond Aerator, the expensive manpower, harsh chemicals, and oftentimes inaccessible electricity traditionally required for effective pond maintenance is obsolete. 

Save time, save money, save manpower.
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This quarter, PondHawk is featured in the directories of both the Mid-Atlantic and Virginia Chapters of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America and Golf Course Trades magazine.

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Patented PondHawk is a solar-powered subsurface aeration system that works without the need for grid electricity.


Because PondHawk is not connected to the electric grid and needs no batteries‚ its operating and maintenance costs are minimal.


Innovative tamper-resistant design encloses and protects the components without leaving exposed wires or tubes that can be damaged.

Year-Round Operation

PondHawk is designed to operate year-round‚ even under cloudy and freezing conditions.

Environmentally Friendly

PondHawk is quiet, doesn’t require a lot of space‚ and reduces the need for chemicals‚ making it the most environmentally friendly solution on the market.

Durable & Reliable

PondHawk is manufactured using powder-coated steel construction with marine-grade stainless steel hardware for long-lasting‚ reliable performance.

pondhawk water aeration system at work in a golf course pond
PondHawk® Solar Pond Aerator

We offer a financing program so any golf course or homeowner association can install our cost-saving system with no upfront costs.

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Pondhawk at Army navy Country club

″We’ve installed four PondHawk solutions so far. It keeps our ponds beautiful without the cost of running electricity through our historic course.“

Army Navy Country Club Arlington‚ VA
PondHawk at FairFax

″After seeing how well our PondHawk solutions served our course in Arlington‚ we decided to install another at our Fairfax course location.“

Army Navy Country Club Fairfax‚ VA
pond at rehoboth beach DE

″The fountain price comparison is almost even and the power is free. Since we installed the first unit on 10‚ the water quality is the best it’s ever been.“

Rehoboth Beach C.C. Rehoboth Beach‚ DE
bubbling pond in newark

″PondHawk allows us to release higher quality water into the pond by increasing circulation‚ adding oxygen‚ reducing algae‚ and promoting organic decomposition.“

The City of Newark Newark‚ DE
bubbling pond in newark

″I am very happy with the products’ performance as well as the ease of installation. It is an amazing aeration system!“

Chicago Park District Chicago‚ IL
Pondhawk at Mansion Farm in Bear Delaware

″Your system at the Dynasty pond looks GREAT!!!!!!! Thank you for the fast install!“

Mansion Farm Community Bear‚ DE
Pondhawk at La Reserve in Unionville Pennsilvaynia

″After extensive market research into on-grid electric aeration and solar electric aeration, the La Reserve community HOA Board of Directors choose to aerate our stormwater pond with PondHawk. The PondHawk system was installed in late spring 2019 in a single day and has operated flawlessly ever since.“

La Reserve Community Unionville‚ PA